1. What does this do, exactly?

    Are you a web developer? Have you ever been developing an integration against an OAuth service you don't control?

    For security purposes, these tools require you to specify a redirect where they will send your users after a successful OAuth handshake. Oftentimes there are arbitrary rules imposed on these URIs that make it difficult to develop your integration locally.

    This tool lets you specify as a redirect uri during development. We will redirect you (along with your OAuth callback parameters) back to your local development environment.

  2. No really... what does this do?

    Look, if you don't know why you need this, chances are you don't.

  3. Should I use this tool for the production redirect?

    That sounds like a terrible idea. It is also unnecessary as your production system should be reachable without this extra hop.

  4. Are you just logging all of my auth tokens?

    As I said, you really should not be using this in production. However, I am trying my best not to retain any private information. I don't want your tokens either.

  5. What sort of rules are you talking about?

    Just a few of the rules that I have encountered as a developer:

    • The service doesn't allow redirects to localhost.
    • The service allows redirects to localhost, but only on allows http or https as a scheme. Inevitably, it always ends up being the scheme you don't use locally.
  6. Why don't you just [insert other solution here]?

    There are a lot of useful and worthwhile solutions to this problem. I decided to go with this one.

    I made this service for two reasons: (1) the equivalent I was using had a bug that I couldn't get around and; (2) it sounded like fun weekend project.

  7. Ok, fine. I guess this is pretty cool.

    Thank you!